My Wife Emma knows I am blogging and I asked her if she wanted to blog something, the days she does it will free me up to concentrate fully on the number #1 task for that day. So I am leveraging the time Emma has freed up for me to learn some more about Face Book Marketing, I’ll blog what I learn so return soon.

As sent from Emma’s Ipad, while on the train home last night… Enjoy

London by train – my first blog

Getting the train to London. I live within 10-15 mins of a bicester North station, but I have been getting the train from Milton Keynes Central to get across to Old Street tube. It is a horrible journey but having done it for the first two weeks I was a little dubious of changing. Habit is a funny thing with us humans, we tend to stick with what we know even if it is not what we like. I bought a 3 month ticket for MK so I wasn’t sure of my options for changing services. I popped along to Bicester North and a very helpful lady gave me all the details I need. It was simple – there was me thinking I needed to send off the MK ticket and fund the difference whilst they refund me. No, it could not be simpler, I fill in a form and drop it at Bicester North, the manager signs it and I can change the ticket over. This all takes 2-3 days and I can carry on using my existing ticket until the date I swap over. I even get a small refund as Bicester is a cheaper line! So if you are having a terrible journey on the trains, don’t be frightened to give the alternative route a try, you just never know.

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